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Wow,I'm really expressing myself
Artist | Traditional Art
United States
I am the cartoonist responsible for Internet abominations Witchprickers, Guttersnipe, and Murry Purry Fresh and Furry. My work has appeared in Furrlough, Genus, Golddigger, and Monsterhaus. My first graphic novel, Malleus Maleficarum, is now available from SLG Publishing. I'm also the illustrator for Misunderstanding Comics.

I also cohost the podcast SHOW with Aurelina. We talk about fat fetishism, furry abominations, weird websites, crazy old movies from the thrift store, and other hilarious horrors that you should know about.

I like fat girls and sometimes I draw them. You can see more of that in the Muffintop collection available now!


A Guttersnipe Christmas 102 by Galago
A Guttersnipe Christmas 102

Of course, that’s going to do something. Smashing the power orb always does SOMETHING. It’s like that bit in Krull where the Widow of the Web smashes her hourglass and it makes that giant spider freeze for a few seconds. Man, Krull is such a great movie. You’ve all seen it, right? Oh, you really should. People tend to dismiss it as a Star Wars rip-off because it came out around the same time, but SHUT UP Krull is a awork of art. I can watch all six existing Star Wars movies and feel nothing but cold indifference to its universe and characters, but I still tear up everytime I think of the fate of Rell the cyclops. So much real drama packed into what looks like a cheesy fantasy flick! Rell’s budding friendship with Ergo the Magnificent is really the emotional heart of that film. The Tumblr kids might like cartoons where everyone cries constantly because they’re drones who can only recognize telegraphed emotions but I prefer a touch of subtlety in my tear jerkers. KRULL IS THE BEST.

Now admitedly, I partly like it because I first saw it when I was young and impressionable, but I saw it again as an adult a few years back and it really holds up.  If there was any justice in this world, people would be cosplaying as Torquil or Colwyn at cons and Star Wars would be a footnote in the LAMEASS BORING BOOK OF BIG DUMB SCIENCE FICTION FOR DWEEBS atlas.  While I’m expressing unpopular opinions, I’d also like to say that puppies are ugly and rainbows smell.
Princess Kayla in The Salamander Solution by Galago
Princess Kayla in The Salamander Solution
Princess Kayla the Dragon Popper is back in yet another ridiculous mythological monster detonating adventure. This time, Kayla is called upon by the brothers of a poor besieged monastery to get rid of a greedy salamander who's been guzzling all the wine from their winery. But Kayla also has to deal with a new rival, the dreaded Fat Witch, who thinks she's got a better way to get rid of gluttonous monsters. A 10 page comic featuring overeating, soft vore and exploding.

Get the full comic at…
A Guttersnipe Christmas 100 by Galago
A Guttersnipe Christmas 100

319 – Tasty

By admin on April 28th, 2015 [ Edit Post ]

Now something for the vore people!

A Guttersnipe Christmas 99 by Galago
A Guttersnipe Christmas 99

Something for the mind control fans, I think. You are welcome.

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I'm kicking myself for missing out on your cynical sense of humor and hilarious style for so long.  That and I, too, am a fan of corpulent beauties.  Consider yourself watched, sir!
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