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Wow,I'm really expressing myself
Artist | Traditional Art
United States
I am the cartoonist responsible for Internet abominations Witchprickers, Guttersnipe, and Murry Purry Fresh and Furry. My work has appeared in Furrlough, Genus, Golddigger, and Monsterhaus. My first graphic novel, Malleus Maleficarum, is now available from SLG Publishing. I'm also the illustrator for Misunderstanding Comics.

I also cohost the podcast SHOW with Aurelina. We talk about fat fetishism, furry abominations, weird websites, crazy old movies from the thrift store, and other hilarious horrors that you should know about.

I like fat girls and sometimes I draw them. You can see more of that in the Muffintop collection available now!


A Guttersnipe Christmas 91 by Galago
A Guttersnipe Christmas 91

Oh I guess I forgot to talk about the comic last time, didn’t I? Well, this strip involves unicorns. So there!

Someone pointed out that some people on one of the porno chan boards had some nice things to say about one of my adult comics as they were pirating it and thus stealing money from my mouth. Well, I guess it’s the best you can hope for in this day and age. People usually just talk about how shitty my work is as they steal it, so I’m happy that I’ve brought some joy into the world. I’m going to consider this an accomplishment.

A Guttersnipe Christmas 90 by Galago
A Guttersnipe Christmas 90

309 – Vision Quest

Wooo! So we’re back from the big road trip.  We drove all the way up to glass beach in Fort Bragg, where we looked at the beach and the wife got really excited because there were chitons on the beach and I was vaguely interested for maybe ten minutes before I got tired. But then we miscalculated the distance to Weaverville and ended up missing the tour at the Joss House, BUT it turns out that’s okay because all of northern California’s mountain country is basically one huge tourist trap full of MYSTERY SPOTS and BIGFOOT CARVING EMPORIUMS and WORLD-FAMOUS TREES THAT YOU CAN DRIVE YOUR CAR THROUGH, so we got to see lots of that stuff along the way. I had read a brochure for something called the world-famous One Log House, which this thing where a guy in 1946 felled a mighty redwood tree and turned it into a kitschy mobile home so he could lug it to county fairs and charge rubes a dollar to gawk at it, because apparently it was still acceptable to desecrate these natural wonders like that back then. So yeah, we paid a dollar each to look inside it. I can definitely say it was worth a dollar. In fact, it might be the best dollar I’ve ever spent since that time I paid a dollar to see THE WEIRD THING (Tagline: SEE THE WEIRD THING! WHAT IS IT? IT’S WEIRD! JUST ONE DOLLAR) at our local fair. Hint: The weird thing turned out to be a two headed turtle. For an extra quarter, you could also look behind the curtain to see the gorilla suit glove encased in plastic…I mean authentic bigfoot hand frozne in unmelting ice! The point is that I am a colossal sucker.

Back to the one log house, I did think it was kind of disappointing that there was no toilet. It had a door that was labeled with a crescent moon, which, as anyone who’s ever read Johnny Hart’s BC comic or seen an episode of The Beverly Hillbillies knows, is the international symbol for toilet. But if you opened up the door, there was nothing inside. The closet was clearly far too small to have ever contained a toilet and, besides, the wall of the log inside the closet was untouched so you could tell they had never installed any plumbing there. What gives? Why try to trick people into thinking there was a toilet? I mean, yeah, I know why, because it adds a whole new layer of awe to think that this house made out of a redwood log had working plumbing, but if you’re going to do that, you should lock that door so that people can’t just open it up to reveal the truth. Well, I guess they’ve already got your dollar by that point, so who cares?

Anyway, when we were done, we went next door where a guy in an eyepatch sold us some buffalo jerky.  It was pretty good!

[Official Guttersnipe site] [Patreon]
A Guttersnipe Christmas 89 by Galago
A Guttersnipe Christmas 89

What ARE they saying? It is a mystery!

Official website:

Nemusshibo!: A weight gain and macro comic by Galago
Nemusshibo!: A weight gain and macro comic
When hard-nosed American business CEO corporate boss person Karen the ferret goes on a business trip to Japan, she catches a very specific kind of yokai ghost virus called the nebutori: a virus that makes women grow bigger and fatter as they sleep. An 8 page fat and macro growth comic written by :iconneko-gami:!

You can get the whole thing for a mere $5 dollar-ee-doos over at my e-junkie:…
A Guttersnipe Christmas 88 by Galago
A Guttersnipe Christmas 88

You know what they say about Kinderdrome. Two kids enter, one kid leaves.

Now on to something more important! It’s Spring Break, so the wife and I will be going on a nice roadtrip to see the California coast for the next few days.  Also very excited to see a couple of our historic state parks that people keep telling me about, like, for example, the historic Joss House in Weaverville. So by the time you read this comic, I will be long gone, suckers! Not that it matters, but that means my updates for the comic on Tumblr, DA, and FA might be late this week. So you would be advised to read the comic here on the official site, as you’re doing right now. So meta!

Speaking of Tumblr, those of you who follow my Tumblr probably already know Bogmoggy, my adorable bogeyman…er, bogeygirl character who lives under the bed and eats small babies. She fit so nicely into the Guttersnipe universe that I wanted to do some stories involving her, and I actually did finish the first one. It’s a short comic about Bogmoggy’s first meeting with a non-baby child, some child you might already know from Guttersnipe, someone named Nate. I’m really happy with the story, but it’s kind of a bummer that I have to wait until after this Christmas story is over to read it. So I’m going to post it early to Patreon, so eager beavers can see it now for a mere $1. DON’T SUBSCRIBE $5 BECAUSE THAT’S WHERE THE FATTY WANK PORN IS HIDDEN, SO BE WARNED. Remember: look beneath the eyes of a corpse and you see a ghost. For everyone else, if you’re patient, I’ll post it here on the official website as soon as this story ends in like, what, 3 months.

Speaking of endings, I was gratified to hear complaints from a few people who actually believed that the last strip was the conclusion to the story. I’m actually kind of flattered that people thought that, because hopefully that means the story is so unpredictable that people thought it might actually end with Becky’s death. Well SPOILERS it’s not over yet.

[Official Guttersnipe site] [Support us on Patreon because you love us]
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